A wealth of industry resources are devoted to discussing the 3D printing industry, examining market share, projected CAGR, and stock performance. Employment figures often provide a brief point of interest, or a footnote in the discussion of companies' growth. In this report, we seek to study more closely the shape of diversity in the 3D printing industry, and how the workforce can reshape the industry.

This young industry requires different ways of thinking, as often exemplified through the concept of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) — we look now into another way of thinking about the industry, with DfAM as Diversity for Additive Manufacturing.

Rethinking and reframing the workforce's diverse makeup, or lack thereof, offers another lens through which to view the growth and shape of this dynamic field.

Lead Author: Sarah Goehrke

Table of content: 

The 3D Printing Workforce
Dimensions of Diversity
Market Factors

The 3D Printing Industry
Additive Manufacturing Forecast
No Industry Without People
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
The Cost of Disparity
Cost to Employees
Cost to Companies
The ROI of DEI


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