About Us

Our Goal: 50% women in the 3D printing industry in the board room owned businesses

Current state of the industry*:

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women in the 3D printing industry

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women-owned businesses

Our story

Women in 3D Printing started in 2014,  from our founder’s desire to share the stories of the women shaping the Additive Manufacturing space.  Before embracing careers in 3D Printing, most of us had, and some still have, passions, hobbies, and jobs in other fields.  By the nature of Additive Manufacturing itself, because it is a manufacturing tool, it is meant to be used cross-industries. This is why we believe this industry should be enriched by the diverse backgrounds that compose its workforce. Women in 3D Printing centers around the idea that we should embrace those diverse backgrounds because they are what makes this industry so rich and interesting.

What we do

Featuring female leaders

Each week, we are highlighting a woman who contributes to our industry. You will find profiles of engineers, business professionals, teachers, researchers, artists, designers… We want to celebrate those women’s achievements and share their ideas and advice.

Facilitating connections

We are building a strong network of global events, informal gathering, panels, company tours... thanks to the support of our local ambassadors and regional chairs. Our chapters meet from every month to every quarter. Everyone is welcome to attend any of our events.

Enabling diversity

We provide tools for more a more inclusive and diverse additive manufacturing workforce, from a female speakers database, a hiring platform, industry surveys, annual reports, and an annual global conference.

*Based on Women in 3D Printing research, Diversity for Additive Manufacturing reports, and Women in 3D Printing landscape.