-Updated on 5/11- 

As COVID-19 is spreading around the globe, the 3D Printing community is organizing itself to support healthcare professionals and hospitals in responding to shortage of equipment and fragile supply chains.

Initiatives are popping all around the globe, most often on a local level. As a global community, we see some of there opportunities coming through our radar and thought we’d share them with you all in case you are willing and able to help:


Missing an initiative here? drop us a line at nora@womenin3dprinting.com

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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  1. Charlotte Craff


    Nora, Thanks for collecting such a great list of projects. We’ll be sure to share this!

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  8. Reply

    It’s a great idea from an engineering perspective. Zeal 3D Printing is producing 3d printed mask, face shields to protect people for corona virus. We would also like to contribute from our side, If anyone wants part made related to COVID-19 fight then just place an order online here https://bit.ly/2JXxwEk and get it delivered.

  9. Reply

    This is an amazing resource list! I’d love to share this with my team at the Gates Foundation Discovery Center.

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