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Julie Miller

Additive Manufacturing Engineer, NASA JPL

Authored by Vaishnavi Manivannan

Julie Miller is truly an inspiring woman taking on the additive manufacturing field at NASA, JPL. Getting a little insight into her journey showed us how being a risk-taker, willing to try something new, and getting out of our comfort zone can be quite impactful in the long run.

Being a woman in the 3D printing and engineering field already poses a range of challenges, distinctively feeling out of place as one experiences while being part of a minority and facing gender inequality. This results in not being confident in expressing one’s opinions and perspectives on matters. Being confident and persistent with your ideas, thoughts, and opinions, even if you feel like your voice is small, is key in achieving your stance in the workforce. 

She advises young girls and women, “Always be conscious of where you are in the present through consistent reflections and always continue to set yourself up for bigger challenges – ultimately to better yourself.” What she taught us is that success comes with not only talent but through tenacity. 

Julie Miller's Career Card

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