Later this month, we will fly to Paris for our first #3DTalk outside of the United States. For this first event abroad, we decided, with our partner Cyant, to land in France, and more specifically in the Parisian office of the female founders incubator Paris Pionnieres.

France has a very vibrant Makers community, coming up every day with innovations using 3D Printing technologies.
France also has numerous incubators and is truly helping its innovators and entrepreneurs to kick their projects off the ground. One of those incubators is Paris Pionnieres, who is hosting us for this first #3DTalk Paris. Not only Paris Pionnieres is helping entrepreneurs building their businesses, they are also focusing on helping specifically female-founded companies. A few other French-based incubators and organizations are worth mentioning here: StationF is probably the largest Parisian startup incubator today and is led by a female entrepreneur, Roxanne Varza. StartHer is also a very resourceful organization to anyone interested in Women in Tech.

For all those reasons, we decided to start our #3DTalk Paris series with a first edition on the topic of being a 3D Printing entrepreneur. Our 3 guests have all in common that they are using 3D Printing in their business, with a goal of improving their respective industries.
Claire Chabaud is working on improving our lingerie experience, by making lingerie from our bodies and not from standards. She is the founder of Endeer.
Pauline Eveno is also working on improving her industry, by optimizing music instruments. Her company, Syos‘ first line of product is a 3D printed custom saxophone mouthpiece.
Our third panelist for this #3DTalk is disrupting 3D Printing itself, as well as our management of plastics in companies. Cassandra Delage is the founder of PLAST’IF, a 3D printer that allows employees to recycle their plastic waste into new objects.

We at Women in 3D Printing, are very excited about this upcoming #3DTalk. We already have a very long list of questions ready for our guests. We still have some room for your questions, though!
We hope to see you in Paris on March 20!

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