Today is International Women’s Day. A day for women all over the world and from all walks of life to not only celebrate the massive strides in women’s rights and freedoms over the past century, but to acknowledge and recognize the ongoing equality struggles that exist across the globe and in all sectors of society.

I feel this Women’s Day will hold a particular significance, as certain aspect of women’s inequality have been brought to the fore over the past year with the #MeToo campaign. Not only have women loudly announced things that make a woman’s existence unique and challenging, but in voicing these issues, we have been united and determined.

The technology field, still mostly dominated by men, has undergone criticisms over the past year as well for a trend of gender-based discrimination. This past November, The New Yorker’s Sheelah Kolhatkar wrote an illuminating piece on the problem, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention engineer Susan Fowler’s account of working for Uber.

In light of these ongoing struggles for women in tech, we at 3Ders want to highlight and celebrate some of the women who have made and are making an impact in the 3D printing industry. These are women who have not only contributed to the advancement of the technology and its applications but who have helped to challenge and begin to break down barriers in the field.

From scientists to company founders, makers, engineers, and designers, women have played a crucial role in the proliferation of 3D printing across a number of industries. To recognize some of these inspiring women, we’ve compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of influential women in the industry

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Nora is a 3D Printing expert since 2010, particularly skilled at building strategic alliances and strong business relationships.
Named among the 20 most influential women in Additive Manufacturing every year since 2015, Nora also received the Certificate of Honor in Manufacturing by the City of San Francisco in 2017 for her work with Women in 3D Printing, and was awarded Community Advocate of the year 2018 by her peers.

She started her career in Additive Manufacturing in 2010 by joining 3D Printing service leader, Sculpteo.

Nora joined Ivaldi Group in 2018. Ivaldi Group leverages cutting-edge additive manufacturing solutions to provide on-site parts on demand services for various industries. Drawing on a breadth of additive manufacturing industry experience, Ivaldi Group works across a range of stakeholders to digitize product portfolios and improve cost, risk and delivery for all parties, providing a Part Replacement as a Service solution.
As the VP of Strategy, Nora works closely with the CEO to build and implement the company's strategies in various segments: from core business value to customer relationship and parts production and delivery.

Nora founded Women in 3D Printing in 2014 to promote women leaders in the Additive Manufacturing industry. She also co-initiated and co-organizes #3DTalk, an industry-specific and educational event series featuring women in the 3D Printing and related industries. #3DTalks are global events hosted in various cities across the USA and Europe.

Pursuing her vision for more social inclusion, she joined 3D Africa as Board Advisor. 3D Africa is a youth and women economic empowerment program developed by the Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF), a nonprofit organization with years of experience combining education, technology, and economic development to transform economically challenged populations into self-sustainable communities. 3D Africa is part of the YTF’s Clinton Global Initiative 2016 Commitment to Action.

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