A new quarterly report from the organization Women in 3D Printing takes an in-depth look at diversity in additive manufacturing, focusing on the employment distribution between genders, the different perceptions on professional opportunity, and the views of women who are pioneering the industry.  

We’ve all seen the various reports that boldly predict the future growth of the additive manufacturing market, but it’s not too often that we take a deep look at the inner workings of industry. This is especially true when it comes to diversity in the 3D printing workplace, which, like many other manufacturing sectors, is predominantly made up of men.

A new quarterly report produced by the organization Women in 3D Printing presents a multi-faceted view at diversity within the additive manufacturing workplace. Entitled “Diversity For Additive Manufacturing: First Quarter 2018 Report”, the study is “a resource for understanding the shape and scope of diversity in the 3D printing industry”. It was authored by Sarah Goehrke, Editor-in-Chief of 3DPrint.com; and presented by Nora Touré, Founder of Women in 3D Printing and General Manager at Sculpteo

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