In an industry where alleged “ground-breaking” solutions and “world firsts” are ten a penny and the word “evangelist” is thrown around often, it can be very easy to become cynical – though I’d take that over another mention of a Star Trek replicator any day. But when you meet someone who has a genuine passion for not only their job but the impact that they can have on the wider industry and generation, it’s hard not to be infected by their positivity and vigour for the technology. That is exactly what happened to me when I was introduced to Kadine James of Hobs Studio last month.

I speak to James as the 3D Tech Lead for the UK’s largest 3D printing bureau is gearing up to host the first Women in 3D Printing regional meet-up at the studio’s HereEast home inside London’s Olympic Park. The event is part of a growing network of chapters and events, spun out of the group founded by Nora Toure, to encourage more women to get involved and share their stories from the 3D printing industry.

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