If you have already downloaded last week’s episode of the TCT Podcast (if not and you need something to occupy your commute, listen here), you will have heard that #3DTALK is returning to TCT Show this year for what promises to be another lively panel session on the TCT Tech Stage.

The event series, created by Nora Toure founder of Women in 3D Printing and VP, Strategy at Ivaldi Group, and Barbara Hanna, founder and CEO of Cyant, brings together female leaders in the 3D printing industry to deliver their insights on prominent topics ranging from healthcare to robotics and everything in between. Following on from last year’s talk at TCT Show on materials and RAPID + TCT panel on additive manufacturing (AM) myths, this year we’re focussing on 3D printing and smart factories.

The ‘factory of the future’ is something many companies in the industry are aiming to prepare for as the industry gears up to Industry 4.0, but what exactly does that smart future factory look like and how far are we from that vision becoming a reality?

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