Mentor Madelynn Martiniere

Madelynn Martiniere is a cultural scientist, community mobilizer, and expert connector in the technology, design, and social innovation industries.
Over the past decade, she has worked alongside both startups and large corporations alike to bring about new models of facilitating entrepreneurship, hardware development, and technical education. Her methodologies on education architecture and resilient community building bridge the gap between the maker movement and scalable enterprises.
Madelynn is currently the Director of Community at Fictiv, a manufacturing platform helping engineers and designers build the next generation of hardware products through advanced fabrication tools and manufacturing education. Prior to Fictiv, she founded Spark Plug Labs, a consultancy that supported both startups and large brands building sustainable communities around technology. She is formerly director and president of several hackerspaces, and now advises on the future potential of the maker movement.
Madelynn is a global mentor and educator on community infrastructure, the new industrial revolution, and open source hardware.