Mentor Caitlin Oswald

Caitlin Oswald is an Additive Manufacturing Specialist at LAI International – Leading Advanced Innovations. The company is a precision contract manufacturer who has added Additive Manufacturing capability to provide parts to the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and Energy industries. She gained her aerospace additive manufacturing credentials from her 6 years at Pratt & Whitney where she lead technical and manufacturing readiness level programs for additive manufacturing and was a project manager for various additive development programs. Caitlin has produced 3D printed components that have been used in everything from tooling, to fit-checks, to running test engines. Her role now at LAI International is focusing on bringing the technology through the necessary qualification and validation steps to get parts into flying production engines. 

Thanks to her work and research on the use of Additive Manufacturing into the aeronautic industry, Caitlin received a STEP [Science Technology Engineering and Production] Award from the National Institute of Manufacturing and was also recognized by the Fast Company publication in 2015 as one of the top 100 Most Creative People in Business. We’ll talk about her vision and thoughts on how to encourage more women to join the tech and engineering field here as well.

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