Mentor Annie Wang

Annie is co-founder and co-president of Senvol, the industry leader in data for additive manufacturing. The data is provided through various products, such as the Senvol Database, Senvol API, and Senvol Indexes. Senvol’s products and services have been used by a variety of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, consumer products and automotive.

At Senvol, Annie has overseen the creation of the Senvol Database, which is the industry’s first and most comprehensive database for industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials. Users are able to search the database by over 30 fields, such as machine build size, material type, and material tensile strength. The database is free to access and can be found here.

Annie also spearheaded the creation of Senvol Indexes, which are the first commercially available data sets for additive manufacturing material characterization. Annie’s particular area of focus is on analyzing the correlation among material properties, process parameters, and feedstock properties.

Annie has been called on to serve on numerous AM committees to help advance the industry. She is the Vice Chair of the Data Management Committee at SAE AMS-AM Additive Manufacturing Committee. Additionally, she serves on the Data Integrity Advisory Group and Commercialization Advisory Group for America Makes, of which Senvol is a Gold Member, and ASTM F42 Committee for Additive Manufacturing Technologies. She has been published in top industry journals, and has also been a featured speaker at numerous industry trade shows and conferences.

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