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manufacturing ultra-resolution micro metal parts

We are seeking:  An experienced Electrical and Computer Engineer, Automation Engineer or Software Developer interested in developing software for an industrial resin-based 3D printer.

About Us: Trio Labs is expanding its team to help achieve its mission of disrupting the medical device industry with a new 3D printing process for manufacturing ultra-resolution micro metal parts. We are a high-growth, product-focused manufacturer, bringing high-value medical devices to market using a proprietary Additive Manufacturing technology called Resin Infused Powder Lithography (RIPL). Trio Labs values diversity, inclusion, trust, strong communication, great teamwork, and work-life balance. We strive for openness and honesty in everything including constructively challenging each other in the spirit of getting to the best possible result. Above all else, we are having fun building something amazing together that will unlock a wave of innovation in medical technology.

About Your Technical Skills and Abilities:

·       You have a B.S. or equivalent experience in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Math, Physics or related field and/or experience working in software-based machine control and industrial automation

·       You have experience programming in Python on Windows and Linux platforms.

·       You have experience with multithreaded and multiprocessor programs.

·       You have experience with embedded systems and used communication protocols including TCP, Modbus, I2C, USB, and SPI.

·       You have written documentation skills and are knowledgeable in Git version management systems.

·       You demonstrate safe practices with machines and electronics.

·       You can perform basic circuit analysis and use EE tools like multimeters and oscilloscopes.

·       You have experience in controls engineering relevant to robotics and automation including feedback systems such as PID, motors and encoders, closed loop control and other control theory concepts.

·       You have basic SQL database knowledge including the ability to write simple queries for extracting and uploading data.

·       You may have proficiency with real time embedded environment such as bare metal C, embedded Rust programming or RTOS and some familiarity with physical layer protocols such as Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, and USB and common signal types such as 0-10V and 4-20mA.

·       You may have basic knowledge of image formats and transmission.

About Your Personal and Leadership Characteristics:

·       You have a continuous improvement mindset with a focus on excellence. You apply continuous improvement techniques as appropriate.

·       You have excellent attention to detail. You are familiar with and follow basic safety and quality procedures.

·       You use your technical skill set to accomplish key responsibilities confidently and proficiently.

·       You’re excited to work in a fast-paced startup environment, as part of a top-notch team, and you take great pride in giving the world an excellent product that creates life-changing medical devices.

·       You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You’re able to communicate successes and challenges openly. Trio highly values a team-oriented mindset, where success is determined by performance at the organizational level more than the individual level.

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