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Steamoji Job Description
Share your creative maker passion with future builders.

Job Title: STEM Curriculum Content Creator (Engineering and Fabrication)

Job Details:
Pay: CA$25-CA$30 per hour
Job Type: Part-time, Freelance
Benefits: Flexible schedule, Work from home
Part-time hours: 10-20 per week

Job Description:

Fulfill your creative maker passion with hands-on development of a virtual STEM curriculum. Work with like-minded makers in a dynamic collaborative environment to design and create content for our virtual classroom lessons.

What is Steamoji:

Steamoji is a maker academy that complements and enriches children’s school studies by exposing them to new technologies in fabrication, physical computing, engineering and digital arts while teaching them Steamoji soft-skills, such as design thinking, a growth mindset and entrepreneurship. With these foundational skills, students are then challenged with problems and encouraged to imagine, create, share and then improve their own solutions. For more information about the Steamoji™ brand, and how we help prepare children for the 21st-century careers of their future, visit

This Position:

We’re looking for people with energy, people who have experience working with kids and people who can help bring great project ideas to life. This position focuses on creating content for our engineering pathway, so experience with fun and engaging building/tinkering projects is ideal.


  • Research engineering youth programs that encourage curiosity, creative thinking, exploration, and experimentation.
  • Plan hour long projects that bring engineering to life for our apprentices.
  • Create and film lessons that will be delivered in our academies via the Steamoji App.
  • Be a geek and help inspire young children to become makers!


  • Good research and planning skills.
  • Strong communication and instruction skills.
  • Capable of developing and delivering engaging lessons to 6-14 year olds.
  • Tinkerer at heart. Good at solving problems and making things work.

Who are we looking for?
Have you worked with children at camps, workshops or schools? Maybe engineering is a hobby for you or you’ve just finished building the world’s largest Lego project! We are looking for somebody who can think from our apprentices perspective and create fun and engaging content.

You will need to be confident on camera and be able to deliver lessons in a way that makes sense to apprentices aged 6-14. Don’t worry about the technical skills, as long as you have an enthusiasm for education and engineering, we can help with the rest.

Let’s get building!

To apply for this job email your details to

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