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Are you looking to revolutionize the interior market with high tech? Curious about how to combine robotics, computational geometry and design in a young startup? We are looking for 3D software support and want to build up our team.
We are looking for a Software Developer to help us build the first 3D design tool that gives users full freedom to design custom interior pieces – we are starting with 3D printed lamps!

🎯 Ideally you’d have:
·      Some experience with React and Three.js
·      JavaScript or TypeScript experience, including knowledge about some of the widely used build tools
·      Heard of next.js
·      Know best practices around git, continous integration, testing etc.

🚀 It would be incredible if:
·      You have worked with computational geometry/design before (CGAL, CAD programs, …)
·      You have experience with 3D modelling tools (Blender, FreeCAD) or interaction design/game design
·      You are familiar with rendering technologies such as Pathtracing, PBR materials, etc.
·      You know the basics of 3D printing, slicers, and robotic manufacturing
·      You are based in Berlin or Paris

What we offer:
·      We are open to discuss any contractual framework that harmonizes with our business objectives (Freelance / Junior / Co-Founder)
·      🤖   We support full remote work (it is the 2022 after all)
·      🌴 Unlimited vacation (you never work if you do what you love)
·      🏄 We don’t care if you get the job done in 5, 4 or 3.2 days- you tell us

Ping us a message if you want to know more, including a one liner why this sounds interesting to you, and we set up a call to discuss further details. 🤙
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