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Position: DevOps Lead Engineer

To provide DevOps support to fast paced software development of Divergent Adaptive Production.

What You’ll Do:

DevOps Lead Engineer will support the software development in Divergent Adaptive Production where this role will be responsible for the following to progress work related to:

· Responsible for implementation and management of all infrastructure solutions based on Product Engineering architectural designs
· Manage and maintain software defined infrastructure environment, configuration and build scripts for Product Engineering production environment
· Monitor all events that occur and detect and escalate exception conditions during CI and CD process
· Build and operationally manage all services, including the orchestration/automation layer (Infrastructure – Server and Compute, Backups, etc.)
· Maintain operational stability; enforce security measures, testing, development, and deployment of new Infrastructure related technologies
· Work with Platform Developer to better refine automated provisioning through analysis of application patterns/workflow
· Track and monitor the usage/consumption of Infrastructure specific services; ensure performance and SLA/OLA adherence
· Coordinate all production systems, information systems, and technology infrastructure necessary to support application/platform prior to deployment
· Monitor all events and take appropriate actions to address and control events, work with Site Reliability Engineer and Services on RCA efforts
· Predicatively and proactively correct events and potential incidents in the staging environment before they appear (e.g., a rogue application policy or process consuming excessive compute, storage or power)
· Recognize and correct issues with Infrastructure components (orchestration, configuration, messaging services) to maintain service continuity
· Ensure standard build/image for Product Development

What You’ll Have:

– A master’s degree in engineering or applied sciences discipline; PhD is a plus
– Software development experience in one or more general purpose programming languages (C++/C, Java, C#, or Python)
– 4 years of relevant work experience, including expertise with statistical data analysis such as linear models, multivariate analysis, stochastic models, sampling methods
– Applied experience with machine learning on large datasets
– Experience articulating and translating business questions and using statistical techniques to arrive at an answer using available data
– Demonstrated leadership and self-direction. Willingness to both teach others and learn new techniques
– Self-starting and detail-oriented personality
– Strong academic foundation alongside hands-on experience
– Effective written and interpersonal skills

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