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ASAP start date: CleanTech Startup - Save the World

An incredible opportunity to develop innovative technology at Oak Ridge National Lab while working for a CleanTech startup. Obtain a wealth of experience and leadership opportunities in a very short timeframe. Help us Save the World with our Carbon Dioxide to Fuels process.

Experience and Education Required or Desired:

Additive manufacturing

– Binder-jet 3D printers (ExOne, etc)

– Densification methods (infiltrations, PIP, CVI)

– Sintering methods (high temp furnace, flash, plasma, microwave, etc)

– process optimization

– design optimization

– printer maintenance


Characterization equipment

– thermomechanical, density, hardness, etc


– instrumentation for materials parts analysis (IR, Raman, CT, etc)


Materials expertise (ceramics in particular)

Mechanical Skills excluding fabrication

Extrusion, casting, isopressing

Design, specification, and purchase of production equipment

Chemistry/Materials laboratory experience

Project management

Data Collection and Analytics



Summary of Position:

The Senior Additive Manufacturing Specialist will be located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, TN. They will be project manager and technical leader for the company with respect to manufacturing 3D printed parts for several projects, and will be company liaison to ORNL. Their main projects will involve working alongside ORNL employees to design, manufacture, optimize, and examine 3D printed parts for these projects. They will be involved from conception to final testing, and will innovate to solve any challenges observed or foreseen.

In addition, the employee will help the company in any other respect where expertise, innovation, and help are needed for general R&D.

The start-up environment is dynamic, lean, demanding and fast-paced.  The ideal candidate is someone who can immediately contribute, deliver on planned goals, motivate and infect others with a passion for innovation. There is a mixture of individual projects and team projects, with teamwork/team-building uplifted to solve challenging problems.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Design and optimize components for AM

Print and optimize printing process for components using binder-jet

Optimize post-printing procedures for desired properties and specs

Innovate methods and materials for project component requirements

Test and examine printed parts for durability, properties, and defects

Maintenance any equipment necessary

Coordinate testing and travel with components for assembly or tests

Manage technical side of grants and write reports

Write or co-write grants for funding opportunities

Maintain a lab notebook suitable for Intellectual Property needs

Submit Intellectual Property disclosures for innovations

Maintain good relations with ORNL staff and leadership

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