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The Company & The Team:

At Denizen, we’re connecting people & their passions by building incredible workspaces – environments that are more inspiring than being in the office & more collaborative than being in person. Our first product is a prefab mobile office pod for the perfect day of work (see photos here: Available by subscription & easily deployed, our pods allow exciting workspaces wherever they’re needed – from backyards to forests to rooftops. Currently a small team seeking a few exceptional builders, we are a venture-backed, seed-stage company offering full benefits, flexible work arrangements, & huge potential for impact.

What are we doing & where are we going?

Denizen pods are premium spaces with highly integrated features, which means that building them with emerging construction technology (like large scale 3D printing) is a key enabler of entirely new feature/aesthetic/cost outcomes. We are creating building systems that combine existing, sustainable, construction materials (like CLT & formed metal) with emerging technology (like 3D printed biopolymers) for complex modules & connection nodes. We’ve started with 3D printing furniture & large internal subassemblies, & are working our way up the performance space towards more durable for exterior use, more refined for aesthetic use, & higher output rates for mass production use.

How will this role help?

  • Create & produce component designs for our pods – structural systems, furniture, integrated technology.
  • Develop & build large-format 3D printers to produce those parts, navigating the build vs. buy tradeoffs at the component & system level. We are doing polymer FDM printing with filaments & pellets on gantry & serial arm printers.
  • Work with manufacturers on parts not made in house, using domestic & international partners. Focus areas include sheet metal forming, extrusion, CNC, wire harness assembly, injection molding.
  • Become expert-level in sustainable material science: sequestered carbon, biopolymers, closed loop supply chains, embodied energy. Wield that knowledge throughout our product development process to enable each pod we produce to be carbon negative in its production &, eventually, over its lifespan.
  • Perform functional & regulatory analysis of new designs: run simulations against internal requirements, test to existing standards, & work with regulatory bodies on new ones.

Your Qualifications:

  • 0-X years of experience in building complex physical products. We’re looking for bright new talents all the way to experienced technical leads, & will review candidates accordingly. This is an individual contributor role in an early stage startup, though, so regardless of your career level, come with the expectation that you’ll be in the depths, building with the team, every day.
  • Direct experience with 3D printing process & machine design, preference for experience with CNC/robotic arm workcell development & programming.
  • Strong 3D CAD skills, preference for Fusion 360 & Onshape & Rhino, though we’re happy to train if highly proficient elsewhere. (Bonus points: software development / AR/VR / copresence experience.)
  • Relentlessly untiringly ingeniously prolific! This is a 0→1→1000 role, so you need to love iterating quickly through wild ideas, building, testing, trashing, refining, scaling. If your personal & professional lives are filled with quirky & ambitious projects completed to an obsessive level of detail, this might be your role.
  • Bachelors degree or greater in Mechanical Engineering. Other disciplines considered, based upon an individual’s demonstrated technical aptitude.

The Work Arrangement:

We are a remote-first company! But we are also building large physical products in Northern California, & this role is for one of the key builders. It is strongly recommended that if you are applying for this job, you are within a reasonable day trip to Gualala, CA. If you make a persuasive argument for being further remote, feel free to apply regardless.

The expectation is that physical prototyping will happen both on-site at our HQ & at your own location. There will be quarterly on-site design sprints of several weeks duration at key phases of development. We have dedicated accommodations & 60 acres of beautiful nature to explore which make that experience mostly magical.

The Culture:

Our culture is nascent, but we believe people are at their best when pouring themselves into giant, world-changing ideas & the reverse. This means two things:

We are definitively a bring-your-whole-weird-self-to-work company, and not one where the expectation is to sit on the sideline of pressing local/global/social issues.
We are aiming at the types of problems and a level of impact not realistic to accomplish in a 40 hour workweek. Being passionate about your work is a two-way street; anyone who joins at this early stage of a company has ample opportunity to shape the role to fit their passion. But nonetheless: success in this role requires a level of curiosity & drive well beyond the average human! It’s way more fun this way.

How to Apply:

If this sounds interesting, send an introductory email with your background (& some work samples) to Diverse & non-traditional candidates are strongly encouraged to apply!

Thank you!

To apply for this job email your details to

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