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We are looking to for a Jr. Hardware Engineer to join our team and help solve design challenges as we build the hardware systems for our top-end 3D printer, which is a first of its kind.  This is an ideal opportunity for someone who likes getting their hands dirty, solving complex problems and implementing really smart solutions.  This person will work side-by-side with other Hardware Engineers, lending his/her expertise to the product while being mentored by senior teammates.

Azul 3D, Inc. is an early-stage, high-growth company poised to revolutionize 3D printing technology.  Spun out of Northwestern University, Azul 3D was founded to pursue highspeed, large-scale 3D printing for manufacturing. Recently, there has been growing demand in the manufacturing sector for additive manufacturing techniques to move beyond prototyping and onto the factory floor. Azul 3D’s innovative technology is primed to meet this growing demand and be the first company to achieve high-throughput production runs using 3D printing, no matter the size of what is being printed.

The Jr. Hardware Engineer will be focused on making sure the components for our 3D printer are designed appropriately.  We are still in R&D, so this person will play a big part in helping to design, create, and evolve key components of the printer.  The engineer will have the exciting opportunity to see their designs be deployed into prototypes and eventually be translated into full-scale production machines.  This is all about bringing creative solutions to our R&D hardware team, contributing to the existing design, and helping the team to produce a robust printer when it ends up leaving our lab.

Specifically, this person will:
Design and build printer components that contribute to the team and ultimate product design. This means having an idea, seeing through its construction, and testing against the functional specifications called for. And, of course, it means doing whatever it takes to ensure functionality – so you can expect there to be a lot of fixing, evolving, and tweaking of the product.
Build with an eye for scale.  Ultimately, we will be bringing these designs to scaled production.  Therefore, it will be important to ensure that everything – from components, to techniques, to processes – we do will ultimately be scalable.
Find paths to rapidly meet the goal. Are there off-the-shelf components or does the problem require a custom CNC’ed part? Is there a better path through a combination of the two? We always want our employees keeping their eyes open for a better, faster, and more reliable path forward.
Problem solving is always an important attribute for an engineer. We are doing new, and revolutionary things every day so it’s ok not to know the answer. What’s important is that we are always prepared to propose a possible solution and to solve the challenge as a team.
Be hands-on with the work.
Be mentored by more senior members of the team.
Contribute to the company culture in a productive way, leading by example.

Now that you know about the job itself, here is a little bit about you.  You:
Love to build things.  You are fascinated by trying things out for the first time and making something work.
Are a problem-solver and trouble-shooter.  When something does not work, you do what it takes to figure it out.  The phrase “I don’t know” is always followed by “but I’m going to figure it out.”
Are creative.  You think about things through multiple lenses so that you come up with great solutions to complex problems.  You do not default to the tried and true unless it makes sense to do so.
Enjoy getting your hands dirty.  We are a start-up which means we need people to roll up their sleeves and tackle any task they are given.
Are a strong collaborator.  You can work solo, but you enjoy sharing the lane with others.
Take initiative.  You do not wait for someone to tell you what to do.  You see a need and you take it on.
Are not fazed by a fast-paced and, sometimes, even chaotic environment. We are ambitious with our timelines and milestones, and often take risks to make larger leaps forward in progress.
Have a deep sense of integrity.  You believe in doing things well, not cutting corners, and treating people with respect.


Within one month, you will:
Dive deep into understanding the printer in its entirety.
Gain an understanding of how all the printer components work and how they integrate.
Begin to contribute to the production timeline.
Partner with other members of your team to deepen your understanding and knowledge of the work we are doing and the history of how we have gotten the product to where it currently is (I.e., why certain decisions were made, what some challenges were that we have figured out, etc.).
Get to know your teammates.

Within three months, you will:
Have a deeper understanding of each subsystem and their role.
Have contributed to one or more subsystems.
Begin owning certain domains of a critical sub-system that has been assigned to you.

Within six months, you will:
Have ownership of a critical subsystem and be responsible for design alterations and deployments of new hardware to the prototype printers.
Assisting with design/construction on subsystems falling under the responsibility of other team members.

We are a start-up, so we very much share a “we are all in this together” mentality.  You will be work side-by-side with virtually everyone at some point – chemistry, hardware, and software teams,  the executives/leaders, the businesspeople, and everyone else who joins the team.  Our culture is defined by curiosity and passion for creating something new.  There is a lot of opportunity to help shape our culture moving forward.
We are constantly looking to evolve ourselves, including what we offer in terms of benefits.  Here is our current offering:
Medical and dental insurance (we will be adding vision by 2021)
401k plan
Paid Time Off
Potential for equity participation

Azul 3D is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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