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Senior Software Engineer – implicit modeling for multi material additive manufacturing


Position Overview

Join us in creating innovative software tools and workflows for design, engineering and manufacturing. Our team is working on the development of new digital representations and design workflows that combine traditional computer aided design and three dimensional based image processing with the aim of allowing a very fine level of control over volumetric material distributions.

These tools are and will be used for state-of-the-art real world applications, and capture a full span from designing spectacular new forms of consumer products to helping send rockets to space.


This position offers great opportunities for both, research-minded and product development-oriented individuals, who want to participate in applied research in the form of functional prototypes but then also transfer those into features that get integrated into widely used software applications and are used by hundreds of thousands of customers. If of interest, we are offering a high level of autonomy and influence on the final product.


Your role will be to focus on the modelling of complex 3D forms, and efficient evaluation of their properties using parallelized CPU and GPU algorithms. You will work closely with team members in US, Canada and Germany to develop the optimized additive manufacturing solution.




·Be responsible for code of significant size and complexity which may require a high degree of ingenuity or creativity

·Identify essential scientific problems to be solved through creative inspiration, team idea generation, or desire to build on previous research.

·Introduce creative approaches to research topics. Generate new approaches, perspectives and solutions to research topics.

·Design and conduct scientifically valid evaluations, to test research ideas and hypothesis, such as new theories, models, processes, artifacts, technologies, mathematical proofs and algorithms.

·Collect and perform data analysis to validate and further new theories and discoveries.

·Actively participate in decision making and direction by making suggestions on improving product quality and performance or exploring new avenues and paradigms.

·Contribute to a software API for the modelling, processing and visualization of volumetric data.

·Collaborate with other software architects and developers worldwide

·Work with a team to establish and complete your development goals.

·Create documentation where needed and consider the impact on other areas of the product

·Work with extended teams of UX Design, Research, Product Management, QA, etc.




·MS degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Design or equivalent education in a related field with technical background required. Alternatively outstanding development skills in relevant native programming languages.

·Solid technical knowledge in software development methodologies, design and implementations.

·Familiar with object-oriented, software architecture and modern C++.

·A natural feeling of what is “good code” and “good architecture”

·Research record in the field of visualization, analysis and fabrication of volumetrically defined objects.

·Must be able to work well with other developers and existing codebases

·Good written and verbal English communication skills


Preferred Qualifications:

·Technical background with knowledge of computational geometry

·Experience with GPU programming (CUDA / OpenCL) preferably cross-platform

·Specific knowledge in volumetric data (voxel/f-rep) or Image analysis and processing

·Cross-platform (Win/Mac/Mobile) development using CMake

·Mathematical and algorithm skills is a good plus

·Experience with CAD/CAM software usage or development is a good plus


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