Is 3D Printing really reshaping the work of the designer? 

Designers were among the first group of people taking advantage of 3D Printing when software development aligned with the technological advancement of printers, bringing the technology more accessible to all. We’ve had a lot of talks and presentations over the last 10 years explaining how 3D Printing changed the work of the designers.

But, is it really reshaping the work, in the sense that it is totally disrupting the way things were done before the 3D Printing era? Or is it an evolution of the work? Can 3D Printing be considered a new tool and support for art and design, the same way screens changed the way creative minds can express themselves?

This upcoming 3DTalk will focus on design and how 3D Printing is opening new opportunities, from being able to create new types of design, working new materials, and using new methods of production, to opening avenues for research, environmental impact and creating new types of businesses.

We are thrilled to bring the vision of 3 wonderful and talented women to the table, starting with Virginia Estrada, who is known for her unique approach to materials and her classic but modern style. Her current work is influenced by her early years, two artful decades ago, as a painter and sculptor. She was greatly inspired by architectural form and space, which had a profound effect on the direction her work has taken over the years. Now Virginia is harnessing the newest tools of technology, specifically the 3D printing process.

As an environmental artist, Darlene Farris-Labar will share her experience using 3D printing technology to promote and educate about the natural environment, climate change and biodiversity. The goal of her work is to combine nature and technology in an attempt to bring awareness to current environmental concerns. Her most recent work involves the designing and 3D printing of native plants and flowers that currently exist within various locations.

Selin Olmsted, a sun and optical designer, will also share with us her experience using 3D Printing for her creations. Selin discovered her passion for art and design at a young age while growing up in Istanbul, Turkey. She was continually influenced by the diverse textures around her such as the Aegean sea and its intricate bays versus the metropolitan cityscapes. This with her love of fashion brought her to NYC to study at The Fashion Institute of Technology. She then designed menswear for 10 years. From the menswear field, Selin became a full-time designer at Warby Parker and became educated in the field of eyewear.

#3DTalk panels are open to everyone: men and women, kids and adults, novice and experts in 3D Printing. Monthly events are organized in San Francisco, New York area and Paris, France all year long, so come and join us on May 18 in New York! Thank you to Inside 3D Printing and Samsung Next NYC for co-hosting us and this event!

This #3DTalk will live streamed via our Facebook page, 3DTalkEvent. Tune in at 6:30 pm EST this Thursday!

If you are in New York that day, we recommend attending in person to experience the #3DTalk at its fullest. RSVP here.

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