Women in 3D Printing’s mission is to increase the visibility of women in the Additive Manufacturing industry and encourage more women to use 3D Printing technologies. We have been doing so by highlighting female leaders and innovators on our platform since 2014. To provide even more insights on female experts in the Additive Manufacturing Industry, we are inviting women to contribute to this series by sharing their business and tech expertise through guest blog posts to be published as Industry Insiders and “How To?” series.

Marisa Reece is a copywriter specializing in 3D printing. She helps 3DP companies educate and inform clients with clear, concise, and compelling marketing copy. Marisa’s teaching and communications backgrounds give her the skill to engage audiences and turn complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts. She continually studies the market to see where the 3DP industry is headed. By anticipating the future, she helps her clients stay in front of this fast moving field. Her interests in 3D printing, writing, and jewelry design reflect Marisa’s artistic nature. And she loves to travel. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or by email at marisareece@luminouscopy.com.

3D printing is surrounded by intrigue. Lots of people have heard of it but don’t know what it can do for them. Actually… A Lot!

It starts with your imagination. Let’s go over a few ideas…

  • For example, you’re a DIY person with a broken doorknob you can’t find a replacement for. Why not just make one? Create a doorknob custom-made to your specifications.
  • Or, you need to buy a gift for a special occasion. Why settle on something ordinary when you could make it personal and meaningful? If your gift recipient is a golf enthusiast for example, a personalized custom putter would be a wonderful treat!
  • Let’s not stop with the adults though. You know kids love toys, but how do you find something unique? A 3D printed toy is guaranteed to capture their imagination. You could even involve them in the design, bringing their ideas to life.
  • Home décor is another exciting area to explore. Candle and incense holders, fruit bowls, lampshades, picture frames, flowerpots, money holders, ashtrays, your own signature cutlery and much, much more.
  • Maybe you are into one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Now you can create your very own signature pieces. It could even become a home business!

Some of the media buzz makes 3D printing sound technical and complicated, but it’s actually quite easy.

3 Simple Steps…

  1. Start with an Idea – Decide what you want to make.
  2. Create the Design – CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software is readily available and makes it a snap. For beginners, TinkerCAD, 3D Slash or Vectary are excellent choices. For the intermediate and advanced users – Rhino3D, Solidworks, ZBrush and Blender might be a better choice.
  3. Print it – Use your personal 3D printer or a 3D printing service of your choice like – Sculpteo, Shapeways, Formlabs or Print To 3D.

Ever wish something in your home was a different color? Made of a stronger material? Or had a distinctive look and texture? Another reason 3D printing is the perfect platform. You can choose plastic, wood, metal, clay, nylon, or other “filaments” to get exactly what you want.  It’s win-win!

What to do now…

To help you get started, check out these awesome websites:









Some have free designs to choose from, and all offer great ideas.

3D printing allows virtually unlimited creativity. It’s as simple as looking around, deciding what you’d like to make or improve, and then doing it.

So go ahead, it’s time to ignite your imagination and explore the wonders of 3D printing.


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Nora is a 3D Printing expert since 2010, particularly skilled at building strategic alliances and strong business relationships.
Named among the 20 most influential women in Additive Manufacturing every year since 2015, Nora also received the Certificate of Honor in Manufacturing by the City of San Francisco in 2017 for her work with Women in 3D Printing, and was awarded Community Advocate of the year 2018 by her peers.

She started her career in Additive Manufacturing in 2010 by joining 3D Printing service leader, Sculpteo.

Nora joined Ivaldi Group in 2018. Ivaldi Group leverages cutting-edge additive manufacturing solutions to provide on-site parts on demand services for various industries. Drawing on a breadth of additive manufacturing industry experience, Ivaldi Group works across a range of stakeholders to digitize product portfolios and improve cost, risk and delivery for all parties, providing a Part Replacement as a Service solution.
As the VP of Strategy, Nora works closely with the CEO to build and implement the company's strategies in various segments: from core business value to customer relationship and parts production and delivery.

Nora founded Women in 3D Printing in 2014 to promote women leaders in the Additive Manufacturing industry. She also co-initiated and co-organizes #3DTalk, an industry-specific and educational event series featuring women in the 3D Printing and related industries. #3DTalks are global events hosted in various cities across the USA and Europe.

Pursuing her vision for more social inclusion, she joined 3D Africa as Board Advisor. 3D Africa is a youth and women economic empowerment program developed by the Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF), a nonprofit organization with years of experience combining education, technology, and economic development to transform economically challenged populations into self-sustainable communities. 3D Africa is part of the YTF’s Clinton Global Initiative 2016 Commitment to Action.

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  1. LMurr


    Great article! They are using 3D printing more and more everyday. The possibilities are endless.

    • risa08


      Hi LMurr,
      I agree! 3D printing is exploding. Soon, everyone will be using this amazing technology.

  2. Donna Clarke


    Very well written and interesting article. I now have a better understanding of what 3D Printing is and how it can ttransform every day items into unique gems. Yes, L Murr I totally agree with you, the possibilities are definitely endless.

    • risa08


      Hi Donna,
      These are just a few ideas. 3D printing is also doing amazing things in these industries – medical, aerospace, automotive, construction and more…

  3. Deelze


    Very informative. I had no idea before what 3D printing was about … thanks for simplifying it for me. I see a lot of DIY videos and always feel like wow I want to do that, you gave some great ideas!

    • risa08


      Hi Deelze,
      You’ll love it! There is so much to do with 3D printing. Go ahead and make something.

  4. Anonymous


    Wow, very cool information you shared! This article really explains what 3D printers are capable of creating.

    • risa08


      Hi Anonymous,
      Yes, lol the world of 3D printing and its capabilities can easily blow your mind. Give it a try! You’ll love it.

  5. Reply

    Well-written and quite eye-opening indeed! Additive manufacturing might just be a great platform that women can on board with. Nice job!

    • Reply

      Hi Perry,

      I agree:-) – More and more women are becoming interested in Additive Manufacturing. We are the future:-)

  6. Anonymous


    Very informative summary of different range of products that all of us are capable of designing using 3D printing technology. Thank you!

  7. MiMi


    Excellent article. I especially like the diy and home decor ideas using 3D printing. Thank you!

  8. Anonymous


    Hi MiMi,
    Yes! You can really do some fun projects with home decor:-)

  9. ckiadii


    Thanis Marisa – You’ve given me the comfort take on My first 3D printing project.

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