Ignite Talks: How 3D Printing is Transforming Work, Life & Play

Don’t miss our next inspiring set of “Ignite Talks”brought to you by the NM Chapter of Women in 3D Printing and the New Mexico Tech Council! Hear about cutting-edge breakthroughs that are being
created by ordinary people through 3D printing and how you too can learn this user-friendly technology.

These 5-minute presentations feature experts across all industries talking about how 3D printing is
changing life as we know it and fast becoming our new normal. Whether designing and printing jewelry
and art or items for aerospace, dentistry and beauty products to your favorite foods like chocolate – Hear
about the incredibly miraculous things that are now being 3D printed from human body parts including
ears, noses, and hearts to low cost high quality homes that are being built to house the homeless! Self-
driving automated cars are also now entirely 3D printed!! Register today to hear how you too can get
Digitally-badged with an MIT-verified micro-credential in Design and Printing! And climb aboard this
revolutionary train that is making sci-fi an everyday reality.

All genders welcome!!!

Register today for Wednesday May 19th at 5pm

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