What to expect and knowing your options when you’re a victim of sexual harassment.

Join Margaret Drees, District Attorney for the state of Wisconsin, and Haleyanne Freedman, Women in 3D Printing National Chair for a discussion around what to expect when you’re a victim of sexual harassment and knowing your options.

According to a 2015 survey, one out of three women between the ages of 18 and 34 experienced sexual harassment at work. Of those women, 81% of them experienced verbal harassment, 44% received sexual advances and unwanted touching, and 25% dealt with lewd texts or emails. Meanwhile, 75% of women were harassed by male coworkers and 10% by female coworkers.

Yet, very few women are reporting the abuse. In fact, 71% of women say that they never reported the sexual harassment they endured at work. And of the 29% who did report the harassment, only 15% felt it was handled properly.

This is a wide spread problem and very little is being done to properly address and prevent the abuses women face in the work place, and few existing resources.

Join our discussion to find out what options you have if you experience sexual harassment, and how to protect yourself in the process.

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