October 10


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Imani Malaika-Mehta, Wi3DP Ambassador


Historic Lincoln Building at 18th & Vine in the Jazz District

1601 East 18th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

Kansas City, MO, US, 64108

3D Printing Open House for industry, Entrepreneurs, Artists/Creatives, & DIY Makers – Learn about the possibilities!

Our Mission: Supporting, inspiring, promoting women in 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing)

Our Diverse Global Community is 10,000 members strong!

We are increasing the visibility of female leaders in the additive manufacturing industry and encouraging more newcomers to use 3D printing technologies.

3DHQ CEO and employees will talk about their collaboration with the Girl Scouts of America as they support awareness among girls about the 3D printing industry. Tiffany DaVinci of the Metropolitan Community College at Maple Woods will showcase her Prototype Lab from the MCC 3D Printing FabLab Makerspace. We will have speakers from the local 3D printing community for a brief Q&A. Booths that demonstrate 3D printed objects will be available.

The Kansas City chapter of Women in 3D Printing will host the first of several Open House events to feature local 3D printing professionals. Our goal is to increase awareness and expand the opportunities for 3D printing. Covid-19 has shown how the 3D printing community responded to the demand for medical PPE. What can 3D printing do to meet YOUR business and creative needs?

Please wear a mask and observe social distancing during the event. Alternate instructions will be posted to make this an online event in case the mayor changes the regulations for public meetings.

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