Eve Tan is our Women in 3D Printing Singapore local ambassador since this summer. She is also the only Asian Female moderator in the Original Josef Prusa Facebook support group, that now has over 19,000 members. Eve is a certified ACTA trainer from the Singapore IAL institute and currently teaches 3D printing and scanning for Skill future and WDA course. She also graduated from ACC Institute of Human Services in Psychology Counselling, Singapore Polytechnic in CEO. She created her own 3D Home Desk Machine. For the past 2 years, she has been a physical coaching lecturer from university, polytechnic, school and industry sector, teaching how to build a 3D printer, program and design.

Eve, could you let us know about your background and what brought you to 3D printing in the first place?

I had surgery a while ago, and during my downtime in recovery from this surgery, I came across a TED Talk video: “anthony_atala_growing_organs_engineering_tissue”, I found it interesting and kept watching. I then started to go into online learning and finally met two mentors whio taught me all the knowledge I needed to have about 3D Printing. That’s where it started. I then created my first company in 3D printing: Ev3DM.com.

And what does Ev3DM provide? 

Ev3DM does research and development for companies overseas, buy providing spare parts and 3D printing element for FDM machines. We wanted to create stuff that are worth and can be use by million.

Can you share a fun or interesting story about your years in 3D printing?

I remember the fun part and the amazing feeling that I still have now: creation. When you have something in mind and you just do your modeling and you will be able to print out your creation. Whenever your student that you have taught show you their creation, that’s what make your heart melt.

Have you run into any challenges from being a woman in 3D Printing?

Most Asian countries are still male-dominated and they feel like engineering is not for women. Students usually have a surprised look when coming in, but after the class, they will tell you 2 days class is not enough and they wanted more class from you!

What do you consider game-changing technologies in Additive Manufacturing?If there is a game-changing technology I would love to see, it would be 3D bioprinting of all human organ & skin. Although these technologies have been starting from 2002, the evolution really impresses me.

What makes the 3D printing industry particularly interesting for you:

  • As an entrepreneur?

The most challenging is creating awareness to the community and to make people understand the value of the time I spend on research and testing before saling them products.

  • As a woman?

In my country, a majority of men would be surprised to see a woman in the 3D printing industry. We have proved them wrong. Haven’t we?

In your opinion, how could we encourage more women to become involved with 3D Printing?

Start from young, teach kids that have the ability in 3D, give them the ability without constraints. The coaching for youngest is important as they are the future for all nation, and I believe in changing the system in education locally can make more girls get in 3D printing.

Favorite 3D tool (could be a software, machine, material…you name it)? For 3D design, I would say Fusion 360, meshmixer, Slicer: repetier, Cura, Machine: Creality Material: I would say it depends on what you need it for, personally I love twinkling filament which is more lasting and without the need to bother over-hang, bridging.
Favorite moment in your day jobCoaching. I always believe if I coach the person well and they will teach other well and it would benefit the next generation. Knowledge is shared!
What’s on your 3D Printing wishlist for the next 5 years? I really hope Bioprinting can reach the level of creation to be easy, so we don’t grow old and die anymore.

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