More than ever, the issue of systemic racism is everybody's business. At different levels, and in different sectors, activists, organizations, policy makers, celebrities and companies are standing against all kinds of discrimination. Words and means may vary from one place to another, from one language to another, but ultimately the battle remains the same.
This battle is even more important for the additive manufacturing industry, as the tech industry in general already strives to promote gender equality.
In this regard, this 2020 edition of the Diversity for AM (DfAM) report aims to shed light on existing actions that promote diversity and inclusion towards minority groups on the one hand and on the other hand, to raise awareness on the need for more actionable takeaways towards people from minority groups, to create a more diverse industry.

Lead Author: Kety Sindze, Global Communication & Content Manager/ Managing Editor/Business Developer, 3D ADEPT (3DA)

Main contributor: Erika Jefferson, President & Founder, Black Women in Science & Engineering

Table of content: 

I – The current environment of the AM industry in light of social and ethnic disparities
I.1. The different under-represented groups
I.2. How is this social reality portrayed in the AM/3D Printing industry?
I.3. Another perspective?
I.4. The emergence of the 'Chief Diversity Officer' in leadership teams

II- What part should you play as an AM innovator?
II.1. By minimizing unconscious bias
II.2. Engagement is crucial
II.3. Minorities that already work in this industry are your greatest strength
II.4. Other steps that should be taken to create a more diverse industry

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