A wealth of industry resources are devoted to discussing the 3D printing industry, examining such factors as the seven ASTM-defined technologies under that umbrella, market share, and projected CAGR. Employment figures often provide a brief point of interest or a footnote in the discussion of companies' growth. In this semiannual report, we seek to study more closely the shape of diversity in the 3D printing industry, initially via discussion of gender parity.

This young industry requires different ways of thinking, as often exemplified through the concept of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) — we look now into another way of thinking about the industry, with DfAM as Diversity for Additive Manufacturing.

You can now download the Diversity for Additive Manufacturing #3 Report, by Sarah Goehrke  – Supported by and Produced for Women in 3D Printing

— A quarterly report provided as a resource for understanding the shape and scope of diversity in the 3D printing industry —

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