With a mission of “Promoting, supporting, and inspiring women using Additive Manufacturing technologies”, Women in 3D Printing seeks to foster a more diverse industry. By featuring women shaping our industry, our hope is to encourage more women to join the industry. Each week, since 2014, we are highlighting a woman who contributes to our industry. You will find profiles of engineers, business professionals, teachers, researchers, artists, designers… We want to celebrate those women’s achievements and share their ideas and advice.

This year’s International Women’s Day has a particular flavor for us as we want to celebrate women making a difference in Additive Manufacturing all around the world, and give credit to the International aspect of this special day. Since our very first #Womenin3DPrinting event in 2015 in San Francisco, we’ve expanded our presence worldwide, enabling women (and men) to meet every month in over 30 locations, from Seattle to Melbourne, via Paris and Johannesburg. We would like to take a moment to thank our network of fantastic ambassadors, all working as volunteers for the organization, who are behind the reality of Women in 3D Printing being an international community. They are taking from their time, every month, to make sure you have a place to meet, greet and build connections. As we are celebrating all women, and feature guests on a weekly basis, we would like, for this special day, highlight our volunteers as Women in 3D Printing wouldn’t be the community it is today without them. If you would like to give full credit to their work and impact on the community, we’re inviting you to join them during those monthly casual meetups – As a matter of fact, we happen to have over 15 chapters meeting today, March 8th, in celebration of International Women’s Day!


We are also thrilled to release our first Diversity for Additive Manufacturing Report of the year today! Just like the two previous reports, Sarah Goehrke did fantastic journalistic work, gathering the data displayed in this report, as well as sharing her perspective on the question of diversity in Additive Manufacturing. We are once again very proud to support and produce this work. For this third edition of the report, Sarah writes about the importance of collecting data about diversity, the need for female speakers in conferences and panels, and compiles accumulated perspectives extracted from 2018’s featured Women in 3D Printing guests.

The report is accessible here.

Thank you to all our worldwide ambassadors, volunteering to make sure the word community means something real: 

(You can find all those “fun facts” about our ambassadors in our “Get to know your ambassador” series on social media)

You can meet with several of them later today all around the world, as we tried to have as many Chapters meeting today for the day of International Women’s Day. Make sure to check our upcoming events!









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