Candidate Profiles Database

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First name Last name Country Open to remote position Type of role Experience level Area of expertise
Rochelle Zordich USA Yes Engineering mid level Process development, materials engineering, R&D
Aysun Güney Netherlands Yes Production mid level Biodegradable Polymer synthesis, characterization and 3D printing of them
Priyanka Nadig India Yes Engineering Mid level Metal Additive Manufacturing,Process optimizationNew Alloy development, qualification and characterization, project management, client facing, technical talks and presentations on metal AM
Ekaterina Stonkevitch USA Yes Engineering Mid level DLP, additive ceramics, SLM, R&D
Anne Pauley USA yes Engineering Mid level Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Design for Additive Manufacturing, Design for Manufacturing, Robotics, Mechanical Design, Product Development
Erika Torkildsen USA Yes Engineering Entry level mechanical design, root cause analysis, data analysis,
Marie-Anne Valiquette Canada Yes Engineering Mid level Medical 3d printing, point of care, mechanical engineering, project management
Julyana Santos Brazil Yes Engineering Entry level Fusion360, 3D modeling.
Vanessa Naissinger Brazil Yes Sales / Business Dev. entry level Fusion360, 3D modeling.
Kate Serralde USA Yes Not Listed mid level 3D Modeling of Medical Imaging, 3D printing and medical simulation, medical curriculum applications
Johanna Koski Finland No Sales / Business Dev. Mid level b2b sales, marketing, 3D printing, teaching
Sougandhika Ayathamaraju Italy Yes Engineering Entry level Metal additive manufacturing, production
Helena Kågebrand Sweden Yes Engineering Entry level 3D-print technican, 3D-modeller
Rhythm Mehra India Yes Engineering Mid level DfAM, topology optimisation, CAD
Timsy Chrisolite india Yes Engineering Senior level Business to Business(B2B), Content writing for 3DP, Research in 3DP, 3D doodling and Wall Art
Mariana Cabrera Silva Germany yes Engineering mid level Post-finishing of 3D printed components (metal and plastics)
Jennifer Chavez USA yes Engineering mid level Materials Engineering, Polymer engineering, Resin Development, Polymer Chemistry
Cristina Martínez Spain yes Engineering entry level Design, Testing
Felicity Mecha Kenya Yes Engineering mid level Digital design and fabrication, renewable energy,project management
Sara Acosta USA Yes Operations mid level 3D printing testing, data entry, detail oriented, operating and running powder fusion 3D printers
Camilla Somma Italy Yes Engineering entry level metal additive manufacturing
Sabrina Rudolph South Africa Yes Engineering entry level Additive Manufacturing
Yara Chehade USA Yes Engineering entry level
Hanane Yaagoubi Maroc Yes Engineering mid level 3D Printing
Cemile Basgul United States Yes Engineering mid level 3D printing, FFF, high temp polymers, implants, medical applications
Sumit Chauhan India Yes Engineering entry level Process equipment design with use of 3d printing, research on FRP AND other plastic in 3d printing
Srinjita Bhaduri United States Yes Engineering Senior level Curriculum development, Learning Sciences, Education
FNU Diksha United States Yes Engineering entry level Mechanical Engineering
Mona Alizadeh Osgouei Australia Yes Engineering Mid level Advanced Manufacturing (3d printing), Material science and Characterization
Shakira Parveen India Yes Engineering Entry level Additive manufacturing
Swapnil Sinha United States Yes Engineering Entry level Design for Additive Manufacturing, Engineering Education and Training, Research and Development, Polymer Materials, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Product Design and Development, Mathematical Modelling, Heat Transfer Simulation, Experimentation
Christina Paris United States Yes Engineering Entry level Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, CAD, SolidWorks, Siemens NX, MATLAB, Java, FEA, constructive feedback
Veronica Molina de Kruse Germany Yes Engineering Mid level (Laser) Metal AM, LPBF, LMD, Process development, Turbomachinery, Fluid Dynamics, Design for AM
Monica Schiavoni Italia Yes Engineering Entry level SLM, FDM, SLA, Materialise magics, Inspire 3D printing, Solidworks, Inventor, ANSYS
Jennifer Call United States Yes Engineering Entry level