For the third consecutive year, the Additive Manufacturing industry has been provided with a salary study, courtesy of Alexander Daniels Global, recruitment company specialized in the AM industry.

As a partner of Alexander Daniels Global, Women in 3D Printing was provided with early access and a recap of the study, which you can find below. 

The study found a 3.9% increase in average salaries (across disciplines, seniorities and locations) – a similar increase compared to other traditional manufacturing and engineering jobs/industries; proof that the AM industry is finding its place in the manufacturing sector.

The salary study covers not only salaries in the AM industry across regions, disciplines, and seniorities, but also covers the state of the talent market in great detail, including the talent shortage, the most in-demand roles, AM salary competitiveness, the motivations and likelihood to change jobs.

In terms of distribution of roles, women are mostly present in Marketing roles, as about 40% of marketing professionals in AM are women.  Moreover, there is a high number of female Product Managers and consultative sales roles within AM companies.

There is an increasing demand for female workforce across all disciplines; companies are looking for more diverse teams and are looking to hire more females.

There is a significant difference between the percentage of women in AM roles in large multinationals as opposed to startups; often, the start-ups are founded by men or groups of men, based on their engineering knowledge, a field that is traditionally male-dominated. There is a tendency that the first hires in these type of organizations are men, followed only by female hires at a later stage. Once the company starts growing, they realize the need for female perspective and dynamics.

In order for females to become more attracted to the AM industry, which is still largely male-dominated, companies should look to hire female managers and leaders to help attract these females to join the team.

The salary study is a useful tool providing both AM professionals and AM employers a benchmark, much needed for a young industry like additive manufacturing.

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