3dtalk-education-square-pix-1Cyant and Women in 3D Printing are presenting #3DTalk Panel, featuring 4 women and guest panelists: Sarah O’Rourke, Carrie Motamedi, Christine Mytko and Jane Yarnell.

Our guests come from three different environments: large software company, open-access workshop and school, and represent 3 different perspectives on using 3D Printing to educate and empower the current and next generations of makers. They will also share their experiences as women in the field, as well as what excites them in this rising industry.

This #3DTalk event is hosted by KIRAKIRA, which instill girls with creative confidence, and inspire them to learn design-thinking and innovation skills to become tomorrow’s leaders. KIRAKIRA’s mission is to create a passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) education through fun, fast, and free video classes made by girls for girls.

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6:00-6:30 Registration + Reception

6:30-6:45 Introduction by co-organizers Barbara Hanna and Nora Toure

6:45-7:45 Panel and Q & A

7:45-8:30 Networking


Sarah O’Rourke is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Autodesk focused on youth, education and 3D printing. She has a unique focus on what makes the up and coming generations tick – move over millennials and start talking about Gen Z! Sarah has spent the last few years working with schools and educational organizations globally to get kids, teachers and parents excited about design, making and 3d printing. A maker and doer, Sarah has a passion for Tinkercad, Minecraft and a hot glue gun.xt generation of hardware products.

Carrie Motamedi is an evangelist for STEAM education and women in technology and business, and the former CMO at TechShop. She has a 15+ years experience in technology marketing and communication. She currently is on the Leadership Council for WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival which took place October 15, 2016 at Fort Mason in San Francisco; A member of Alternatives in Action 20th Anniversary Committee, and Publicist for “A Revolution in Four Seasons” premiering in the US at the Margaret Mead Festival in New York on October 13, 2016.

Christine Mytko is a seventh grade science teacher and K-8 STEAM coordinator at Black Pine Circle School in Berkeley, CA. In addition to teaching engineering and design in her regular science classes, Christine runs a very active extracurricular maker club which works with everything from classic craft materials to AR and VR to subtractive and additive manufacturing–even bioprinting! She and her students are frequent presenters at edtech conferences, science festivals, and maker faires. Ms. Mytko and her students were invited to, and attended, the first White House Maker Faire in 2014. Jane Yarnell, one of her former students, will joining her on this panel!

Jane Yarnell is currently a 10th grade student at El Cerrito High School. She went to Black Pine Circle Middle School, in Berkeley, CA, where she was active in the school Maker club, mostly in 3D printing and design. She has previously presented at Bay Area Maker Faires, 3D Printer World Expo, and the 2015 FabLearn conference, and was invited to attend the 2014 White House Maker Faire. Locally, she has taught workshops in 3D printing, basic coding skills, and carpentry-based making, and she’s working on bringing maker education into her general ed classes. Her personal Maker interests are mostly in found-material Making and 3D printing.


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