What is the most impressive use of 3D Printing you’ve seen so far?

When asked that question, most people refer to a healthcare application they’ve been reading about lately. While the few medical-related 3D Printing use-cases are usually impressive, it will come as no surprise for the professional of both industries that in reality Healthcare and 3D Printing words don’t know each other. We are only starting to deep our toes in the potential of 3D Printing applied to Healthcare.

As Additive Manufacturing is almost mature in some industries, it still needs some work when coming to Healthcare. A few organizations are working on getting 3D Printing and Healthcare to come more closely together. At Women

At Women in 3D Printing, we are proud to collaborate with Cyant to bring you monthly female-speakers panels, #3DTalk. This April 18, in San Francisco, we will #3DTalk Healthcare in 3D Printing with Elle Meyer, the Director of Life Sciences at Carbon, the Bay Area 3D printer manufacturer focusing on final parts manufacturing with CLIP Technology, Crystal Kigoni, the founder or Voices of Africa for Sustainable Development through Information Empowerment working primarily with 3D printing of medical tools, and Mayasari Lim, the founder and CEO of SE3D, a startup focused on next generation lab automation in bioprinting and 3D assays for research and education.

As you can see, this #3DTalk panel features speakers working on improving Healthcare at large by using 3D Printing. We will #3DTalk Bio-3DPrinting, medical devices and 3D Printing applications in Africa during this event. Our guests will also share their experiences as women in the field, as well as what excites them in this rising industry.

The event is host by DayDayUp, in their space at Covo Mission in San Francisco. DayDayUp is a community that connects Chinese and Global Innovators. They aim to help Chinese companies understand and explore the international business world, and help foreign companies connect with the Chinese market. Their shared office spaces house entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world, and serve as a platform for promoting cross-industry and cross-cultural connections, communications, and collaborations.

#3DTalk panels are open to everyone: men and women, kids and adults, novice and experts in 3D Printing. Monthly events are organized in San Francisco, New York area and Paris, France all year long, so come and join us on April 18 in San Francisco!

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